In Loving Memory of Annie and Pepito

In Loving Memory of Annie and Pepito

My Mom, Annie, was a wonderful teacher.  She taught with her heart; and, her voice, as she shared knowledge with her students, was soft, encouraging, nurturing, yet succinct.  It was clear that she loved teaching.

After my kindergarten classes ended each day, I would sit in her room as she taught.  I'd typically have some arts and crafts to do, yet as I did them, I would listen to my Mom as she conducted her classes.  I'd watch as she would engage each student, and guide them through the lessons she had prepared.

There was a special softness that she had when she spoke, and I think that is what kept her students engaged.  They knew they were not being told something, they knew they were learning from her, and that she cared for them.

One of my Mom's favourite colours was Lavender.  I remember so many blouses, dresses, and jackets she would wear that would have either purple, lavender, or orange in them.  There was no surprise that my Dad had something purple, lavender, or orange to wear along with her—typically in his hat—they would always seem to match in some way.

My Dad's nickname growing up was, Pepito—Little Pepe.  He was a man of few words, an excellent provider and supporter.  Always encouraging us (my brother, sister, and I) to try, adapt to change, and to never stop learning.  As an auditor, he was structured, well organized, and articulate.  Formal in presentation; yet, he had the quirkiest humour.

My Dad had very few friends, yet they were his friends for life.  For as long as I could remember, his friends were like family.  We would see them many times throughout a year; we would celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays together.  His friends would always call him Pepe.

March is a special month for me.  It is the month my Mom passed away in 2012, and it is also the birth month of my Dad.  If you had read Today's a Special Day! from October 4th 2021, you'd have learned that the 1st year memorial of my Dad was also the day Clickety Split was born.

I see my parents every day, I have a memorial bookshelf dedicated to my Family; and, there is not one day that goes by where I don't say hello to them.

In October 2023, I started a keyboard project in memory of my Mom and Dad.  I named it after my Dad, but in light of my Mom—my Mom always brought colour and brightness.

Pepito v1.13 | Orange

Pepito is a 44 key wireless keyboard with a form factor of 3x6x4M, and based on the Seeed Studio XIAO BLE.  It has inherent support for nice!view displays, which leverage memory-in-pixel display panels by Sharp.  Pepito's firmware is based on ZMK v3.5 and currently stable in test.

Pepito is in soft launch at the moment—with all the production components curated.  I have released 4 boards that have associated XIAO BLE and nice!view displays reserved.  I hope to have more nice!views within the next month, as they become available.

Pepito does not have all the bells and whistles that some keyboards have, however it does have: hot swappable switches, power efficient microcontrollers and displays, and JST PH-2 LiPo batteries.  You can expect many weeks of solid performance along with a form factor that is comfortable, and effective.

Pepito, not unlike my Dad, is a solid performer—efficient with resources; and, like my Mom, elegant, and beautiful as she brings her colour to any room, or gathering.

Although my parents may not be here in body, they'll always be with me in heart; and, now as I type and take care of each of my Clients.

I love and miss you both Mom and Dad. 💕

Clickety Split
For the love of [split] keyboards.

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