Introducing Leeloo

Leeloo v1.0

Configure your Leeloo v1.0 Choc, or Leeloo v1.13 Choc and Box Compatible.

Albeit, there is no doubt where Leeloo's heritage is derived from—Lily58, and Corne.  It is not a copy-paste-modify implementation.  It's perhaps the finer details that separates Leeloo from its predecessors.

Leeloo has been designed from scratch; everything from the schematic to its PCB footprints, and column stagger. There are some subtle differences that may not be apparent; however, it's the subtleties that help make Leeloo your own.


  • Support for MX/Box or Low Profile Choc switches.
  • 90% of the switches are socketed; with the exception to the rotary encoder positions—6 positions require soldering.
  • The option to include 128x32 OLED Displays.
  • The option to select one of three positions for an EC11 rotary encoder on each half.
Leeloo rotary encoder options.

Symmetrical Layout

No more staggered MCU through holes, making case design easier and each half equal.  With Leeloo being divided into its left and right half, it reduces the need for vias, and complicated traces; leaving more room for underglow LEDs, and per-switch LEDs.

Multiple Form-factors

Leeloo will have three different form-factors that will carry the same 5 modifier keys, yet a different matrix for 6x4, 6x3, or 5x3.  There will also be LED versions, for individuals who wish to have per-switch underglow.

Leeloo's initial release will have 19.05mm spacing and a 6x4x5m grid.
Subsequent versions will include:

  • 18mm spacing.
  • Per-switch LEDs for each variation.

Leeloo's 6x3, and 5x3 variations are in development and testing.  Release to be determined in the Spring of 2022.

Wireless Ready

A subtle feature, but something that helps keep Leeloo safe, and your nice!nano v2 easily removable.

  • Pads to solder LiPo battery leads.
  • Alps Alpine On/off Switch; to completely cut power to the microcontroller.
  • Firmware

    Firmware for both ZMK and QMK are readily available, so you may select your favourite MCU and firmware to use with Leeloo.

    Leeloo v1.13 Keyboard Layout

    If you'd like to try Leeloo's column stagger and mods row, feel free to download the Leeloo v1.13 Keyboard Layout file.

    When printing the PDF, configure your printer settings so that it will print the document at 100%—"without scaling," or "actual size."

    The Origins of Leeloo

    If you'd like to learn more about the origins of Leeloo, feel free to read chapter one: Leeloo | The Series' Genesis.