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Using Sharp's cutting edge Memory-in-Pixel technology, the nice!view display can be used in wireless builds supported by ZMK, as an alternative to OLED displays—split keyboards require two displays.

nice!view displays reduce power consumption—dramatically—over OLEDs while keeping a 30Hz refresh rate.  Albeit, similar to the pinout of a SSD1306 OLED, wiring an extra pin will be required.  For more information, visit the nice!view getting started documentation.

If you have a Leeloo split keyboard, you can use the nice!view getting started documentation as reference for installation instructions.


Resolution: 160 x 68 (1.08")
Dimensions: 36 x 14 x 2.9mm
Refresh Rate: 30Hz
Typical Power Draw: ~10μA
Protocol: 3-wire SPI
Voltage: 3.3V
Display: Sharp LS011B7DH03
PCB Conformal Coat: ENIG, FR-4


Split keyboards require two displays.  nice!view displays are currently only supported by ZMK.


~Photo by PetitSpatula
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