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Maple Computing



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The Elite-Pi was designed and produced by Maple Computing, the founder of Elite-Cs.  Postured as an excellent option to Pro Micros or Elite-Cs; Elite-Pis will work in any [split] shield that supports Pro Micros or Elite-Cs.  Some notable features include:

  • RP2040 Microcontroller Chip—known from the Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Mid-mounted USB Type C
  • Compatible with Pro-Micro and Elite-C implementations; a drop in replacement via QMK Converters (i.e., CONVERT_TO=elite_pi).
  • 2x 12-pin Headers and 1x 5-pin Header Included
  • On-board Reset and Boot buttons

Elite-Pi has been verified to work with Clickety Split's Leeloo v1 and v2.

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