What's up with shipping!?

What's up with shipping!?

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Shipping is supposed to be easy...for some reason, it's not.

The way Shopify is currently configured, shipping a typical order from Alberta to Québec (2x MCU, 2x Headers, 2x Pins, and 2x OLEDs) costs approximately $20.00.

Average cost of shipping an order.

When it comes to shipping something simple like a pair of headers and pins, it costs the same. Which is unreasonable!

The reason is, the base packing material defined is used for all orders, regardless if we're shipping a number of items, or just one.

Sending a few items, which can fit flat in a small lettermail envelope shouldn't cost more than a few dollars.  Items like headers, pins, TRRS jacks, reset switches, standoff posts, and screws ship very well via lettermail.  However, items like MCUs, diodes, LEDs, OLEDs, switches, and batteries do not.

Items shipped as a package are insurable and trackable; that is, in case something happens, we have recourse to make a claim.  Items shipped via lettermail are not, unless we use registered mail—basically the same as shipping in a box, but in a bubble wrap envelope.

What we've tried.

We've tried to separate certain items into two groups; items that must ship in a box, and items which could be shipped via lettermail.  What we've found is shipping is calculated by adding the two groups together, not by weight.  For example, if a packaged item like an MCU and a battery are shipped together with headers and pins, Shopify adds both the boxed shipping rate and the lettermail shipping rate together.  Which is unreasonable!

What we'll do to fix it.

We're going to go back to using weight and the base shipping box for all items. 

What we'll also do is: if you place an order with us, which contains items that could be sent via lettermail, we'll proactively consult with you on how you'd like to ship the items.

At the same time, if shipping is less expensive, we will refund you the difference.

Our goal.

Clickety Split's goal is to source and provide custom keyboard components at a reasonable price.  There are so many wonderful products available; however, they can be somewhat difficult to bring in as ones and twos—shipping from a number of boutique stores around the world can add up, which is why we brought to life this little Canadian online store.

Calculating shipping is strange, but we promise to work with you to find the best rate.  If you place your order, and you feel shipping doesn't seem right, chances are we feel the same way too—we'll be proactive about it...promise.

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