What do the numbers 1,165 and 16,599 have in common? | Update

What do the numbers 1,165 and 16,599 have in common? | Update

As you probably have guessed, they are GitHub PRs! :)

UPDATE as of April 13, 2022

Both PR #1165 and PR #16599 have been approved and merged.  Now that they've been integrated into their respective projects, both Clickety Split branches have been deleted, and can now be pulled directly from their project's source.

QMK: Leeloo

ZMK: Leeloo

For individuals who are interested in leveraging nice!nanos, please have a look at PR #1165; and, for individuals who are interested in leveraging Pro Micros, or Elite-Cs, please have a look at PR #16599.

If you'd like more context into each of these frameworks, feel free to visit Clickety Split's GitHub.

Fingers Crossed

Fingers crossed, indeed!  As you may recall from our previous post, we have been working on Leeloo's firmware since early February.  We took a bit of a break to hone in on finalizing the encapsulating case—and managed to get a good series of 3D prints to prove concept and produce final prototypes.

During the process, we found a couple of areas of improvement in firmware, and fixed them up before submitting the PRs to their respective projects.

...and now we wait.

We hope we're not too far off base, and the feedback we get will be easy to implement and carry forward.  If Leeloo does make it back from production before the PRs are approved, feel free to pull the files from Clickety Split, and work with the beta release for the time being.

For individuals who may be interested using ZMK, I'll be releasing another project on GitHub which enables you to create your zmk-config files for an easier way to compile your firmware without all the bulk, and to take advantage of GitHub Actions.

I'll write a more specific blog post on how to go through the process, if/when the associated PR is approved by the maintainers. 🤞

If you have any questions, please contact us!

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