Happy Holidays as we enter into 2023, we wish you the very best!

Thank You for a Wonderful Year!

We begin with THANK YOU!

Thank You, because it's not without your support that Clickety Split has been able to continue bringing in the keyboard components for enthusiasts around the world—to build their vision of their keyboard for work or recreation to life, or even just to build their collection.

As we look at 2022 in review, it's amazing to see how many achievements and areas of growth Clickety Split has had:

January and February:

  • Prototype for Leeloo-Micro was conceived.
  • Prototype for Leeloo v1 was conceived.
  • Leeloo firmware for QMK and ZMK was created.
  • Leeloo-Micro firmware for QMK and ZMK was created—not released.
  • MBK Keycaps brought into inventory.
  • First pre-production Leeloo custom built and homed in BC, Canada.

March and April:

  • MBK Glow Keycaps introduced into inventory.
  • Leeloo v1 was produced.
  • Leeloo v1 firmware for QMK and ZMK were incorporated into their respective main branches.
  • Leeloo EC11K/N Dials designed.
  • First production Leeloo Kit homed in Winnipeg, Canada.

May and June:

  • First Leeloo homed in United States | Alabama.
  • First Leeloo homed in Europe | France.
  • Second Leeloo homed in Europe | Portugal.
  • Second Leeloo homed in United States | California
  • Kailh Brown and Red Switches introduced into inventory.
  • First pre-production Leeloo-Micro custom built and homed in BC, Canada.
  • 7 custom builds in May and June.

July and August:

  • First Leeloo homed in Hong Kong.
  • Elite-Cs brought into inventory.
  • 14 custom builds throughout July and August.
  • 700mAh LiPo batteries introduced into inventory.

September and October:

  • 10 custom builds throughout September and August.
  • Leeloo v1.13 sold out.
  • nice!views introduced into inventory.
  • Mill-Max 3305-X Receptacles introduced into inventory.
  • MBK Legend 40s introduced into inventory.
  • Leeloo v2 in development.

November and December:

  • Brought in Elite-Pi samples to ensure compatibility with Leeloo v1 and v2.
  • Leeloo v2 firmware for QMK and ZMK submitted for review and awaiting merge into respective main branches.
  • Leeloo v2 in production.
  • Leeloo v2 case modelled.
  • Leeloo-Micro v1 designed.
  • Leeloo-Micro submitted for production.
  • Leeloo-Micro case in modelling phase.

It was surprising for us to realize that most of the time spent this year was around custom builds of Leeloo.  The ratio of custom builds to DIY was 8 to 1. 


What I enjoyed most about custom builds were the relationships I developed over the course of the 4 or 5 days of sharing the build process itself.  Sharing not just the pictures, but the process we went through when building Leeloo and customizing their keymap.  Then, for Leeloo to arrive and have it function just as imagined, and developed. 

I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful individuals around the world—regardless of the fact that there was a pandemic going on around us—these are relationships that I'll never forget and I am truly grateful for.


Leeloo-Micro v1

Throughout December, I worked on Leeloo-Micro; which is 3x5x5m in form factor and designed with a few characteristics and features in mind:

  • Hold true to Leeloo's original column stagger, and modifiers row.
  • Leverage nice!nanos and nice!views for a wireless-only build.
  • Designed as low profile as possible.
  • Leverage up to 700mAh LiPo batteries for each half.
  • 100% hot swappable; MCUs, displays, switches and rotary encoder positions.
  • Per-key RGB LEDs

As it turns out, Leeloo-Micro v1 was born today!  With good luck and swift logistics, we should see Leeloo-Micro early January 2023.

Leeloo-Micro Date of Production

Entering Into the New Year

There is only one goal for Clickety Split as we enter into 2023; and, that is to take care of new and existing Clients.  To listen to what they have for feedback, and to try to bring in the components they are looking for.

We will grow as our Clients direct us, and as we see some trends or aspirations in the community itself—after all, it's for the love of [split] keyboards. 😉

All the best this holiday season and as we enter into 2023; and, thank you for your support!

Clickety Split
For the love of [split] keyboards.

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