Off to Production!

Off to Production!

Whooo! Leeloo is off to production!

Behind schedule a little bit, but we did it!  Leeloo shields, top, and bottom plates should be done in a couple of weeks; and, once landed in shop, we'll build one test board for quality assurance before release.

What took so long?

We had an issue sourcing the desired power switches, and needed to wait for them to test them to ensure the footprint and traces worked as anticipated.  Now that we've got some and tested their compatibility with Leeloo, all is well! :)

Leeloo will be available in a variety of different kits:

  • Shields and Plates Kit
  • Base Components Kit
  • nice!nano v2 Kit
  • Pro Micro Kit

Optional Items:

Required Items:

Build Service:

Build service is available; if you'd like Clickety Split to build Leeloo for you, please consider scheduling your build window.  The build process includes:

  • Initial consultation for how you'd like Leeloo configured.
  • Build images as we progress.
  • Initial base programming of your firmware:
    • ZMK for nice!nano v2 kit.
    • QMK for Pro Micro kit.
    • A copy of firmware files for future customization.
  • Quality assurance and testing.

If you're interested in reserving your Leeloo, or scheduling a build window, please contact us.

We hope you're as excited as we are!

Clickety Split
For the love of split keyboards.

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