Lickety-split Clickety Split!

Believe you me, these past couple of weeks have been an absolute adventure!  From setting up Clickety Split and its foundation, to ordering all the materials, gadgets, and technology to help this little store run.

I'm excited to be working with Nick, from, because without his support, this Canadian store wouldn't be in existence, and carrying the nice!nano v2 microcontrollers.

Over the next few months, I hope to bring in more products that will help our keyboard community grow; items like switches, sockets, keycaps, displays, rotary encoder, diodes, and popular keyboard kits like the Corne, Lily58, and Sofle.

While providing products for DIY enthusiasts; I also hope to help individuals get their dream keyboards up and running; perhaps build and program for them.

As part of my own dream, I hope to produce and sell my own keyboard shield, affectionately named, Leeloo—where Clickety Split's primary colour came from. ;)

I think our keyboards are the most important input device while interacting with a computer.  It's a way for us to express ourselves; it's that extra little sensory experience that makes us happy—when we hear or feel the keys as we type [C]lickety-split on our split or panel keyboards.

Until next time,

Clickety Split
For the love of split keyboards.

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